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Kiev is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is an administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational centre of independent Ukraine. The city was founded at the end of the fifth century, with the first settlements at Starokievskaja hill, the site of the History museum today.

Vladimir The Great ruled the country and he succeeded in turning the country’s population into Christianity. The first church made of stone (called Desyatinnaya) was built. In the11th century the territory of the city was growing really fast. It was the peak of the city’s construction. At this time the whole population of the city consisted of about 50 thousand people. It was quite big for the medieval city. For example, the whole population of London of that time consisted of about 20 thousand people. In the 12th century, Kiev was the capital of one of the strongest and most beautiful countries in the world.

History saw prosperity and then declinein the city. In the 13th century the whole of Kiev Russia was ruined and robbed by Tatars. Only two thousand people from the city’s population survived the holocaust. Then Kiev was under the Tataro-Mongolian Golden Horde, under the authority of The Great Lithuanian Kingdom and Poland. The center of Russia moved to Moscow, situated in the north-east, and south-west Russian lands were called Ukraine. In 1648 the pact for reunion of Russia and Ukraine was signed. Since the collapse of Soviet Union in December 1991, Kiev became the capital of independent Ukraine.

The famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov wrote about Kiev: “In the spring gardens began to blossom with white, the whole Tsarskiy garden was in green, sun attacked windows, setting them on fire. And The Dnepr River! And the sunsets! The Vydubetskiy Monastery on the slope. A green sea ran to the multi-colored tender Dnepr. Dark blue nights above the water, electric cross on the top of Saint Vladimir Cathedral hanging in the height… Beautiful and happy city. Mother Of All Russian Cities.”

Kiev is the city of invaluable historical and cultural monuments, a city of great events and outstanding people.

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